Flamenco, fire, and garden dieties

These are all some of my favorite inspirations, and also examples of some of the subject matter found in this issue of Advaitam Speaks Literary.

The landing page is my bio, please flip the page to read the two pieces I had featured here, as a couple of examples of my older work.

The auditory quality of my poetry is very important to me; I am guided more by sound than the sight or technical suggestion of particular words. When I set out to write a thing, it is largely a concerted listening that takes place.

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some songs

My latest writing contains inspiration from Silvia Federici’s contemporary work and Wace’s Roman de Rou, because in the twelfth century struggles against desperate gestures of control from the nobility and other old and corrupt institutions was also a thing. Doesn’t nature’s abundance and preserverance seem to mock these constructed narratives of our reliance on these crumbling institutions? As their systemic evil is further exposed, I find myself wondering is there more than just carelessness behind their direct assault on the natural world and her powers? Is this the one ally they know we need?

Working in a museum for years, I learned that the point of reciting, revising and revisiting history is to not lose the lessons our ancestors already learned the hard way. It is a concern for the present that keeps these old tomes and debates green.


i have a habit of removing time from the equation, in my fiction especially, as i enjoy the way this distorts habitual ways of seeing. so before the new year i gave myself the challenge of changing that up, and concocting a piece that addressed current issues more directly, via the cue of this journal of fine, environmentally literate folk. as a writer i’m used to moving my body around and becoming another; we are shapeshifters by nature. writing from the viewpoint of the atmosphere took a tad of dissolving but hey, it’s good to get into the flow.

new work is up, new issue is live here.