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My latest writing contains inspiration from Silvia Federici’s contemporary work and Wace’s Roman de Rou, because in the twelfth century struggles against desperate gestures of control from the nobility and other old and corrupt institutions was also a thing. Doesn’t nature’s abundance and preserverance seem to mock these constructed narratives of our reliance on these crumbling institutions? As their systemic evil is further exposed, I find myself wondering is there more than just carelessness behind their direct assault on the natural world and her powers? Is this the one ally they know we need?

Working in a museum for years, I learned that the point of reciting, revising and revisiting history is to not lose the lessons our ancestors already learned the hard way. It is a concern for the present that keeps these old tomes and debates green.

overstory notes

283 ecosystems tend toward diversity and markets do the opposite

285 people aren’t the apex species they think they are

295 riding the wild bends, sempervirens

304 hopelessness makes them determined

312 it’s like i had the word book and then you put one in my hands

314 like the angel at Eden’s east gate who kept the humans, poachers of one forbidden tree, from breaking back into the garden and eating the other fruit that would have solved everything

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por polymnia re cha

7) Beginning wherever you wish, tell even us.

13) fingers laced to expel all extraneous space

47) You see inspite of. Your sight. Let that be a lesson to you. You see farther. Farther and farther. Beyond what you are made to see and made to see only. You pass the mark, even though you say nothing. Everyone who has seen, sees farther. Even farther than allowed. And you wait. You keep silent. You bide time…Some have been born into it. And some would die into it.

48) southbound birds are mouthpieces wear the ghost veil for the seed of message. Correspondence. To scatter the words

50) no drought to the extentions of spells, words, noise. music equally out of proportion. you are yielding to them. they are too quick to arrive. you do not know them, never have seen them but they seek you, inhabit you whole, suspend you airless, spaceless. they force their speech upon you and direct your speech only to them.

53) neither takes you neither will take you heaven nor hell they fall too near you let them fall to each other you come back you come back to your one mother to your one father

65) of its bodies extension of its containment

106) they do not touch it is not like that. the touching made so easy the space filled full with touch. the entire screen. to make the sequences move. in close up. to fabricate the response. so soon. too immediate. to make fully evident the object.

108) you walk inside the room, you sit behind her you knew the music, which ones.

149) it is between seances

155) you remain apart from the congregation

157) withholds brilliance as the evanescent light of a dark pearl. shone internally. as the light of an eclipse, both disparition. both radiance. mercurial light, nacrous. no matter, not the cloister of the shell. luminous all the same. waits the hour. to break. then break.

162) water on the surface of the stone captures the light in motion and appeals for entry. All entreat to stir inside the mass weight of the stone.

179) to break stillness bells fall a peal to sky