Laura understood what I was going for in my stories that worked, and helped me bring that out. She can enter the world of my stories and turn her light on the characters’ lives, making them shine and create chiarascuro from the depths of their shadows. Her enthusiastic encouragement made all the difference in feeling heard. She also astutely recognized, and was not afraid to honestly but gently let me know, when stories were not working. She’s not tied down to only traditional fiction but has a range she can relate to. I find her to be a profound person, and to me, that’s perhaps the most important quality in a great editor.

Tantra Bensko, author of various books including Glossolalia, as well as hundreds of short stories in magazines and anthologies; founder of Online Writing Academy, and instructor at UCLA Extension Writing Program, Writers.com and Writers College.

I was referred to Laura through Brian Mahoney of Luminary Publishing for her editorial assistance.  Her suggestions for my novel “Seven Days in Guanajuato” were thorough, prompt, and insightful.  She truly cares about the stories of her clients.

JenniferWai-Lan Huang.  Founder of The Liberi School in Hudson, NY.

Laura is an excellent editor and consultant for literary fiction and screenplay conversions.  She pays close attention to character development, mood, and pacing.

D.J. Swykert, author of Children of the Enemy, Alpha Wolves, The Pool Boy’s Beatitude and The Death of Anyone.

Laura is a really good proofreader.  Hire her.

C. A. Rodriguez, author of Rashingor. St. Peter’s Wood.  Street of Secrets. 2012.

Laura knows how to get inside of a writer’s head, to speak his story, to talk in his tongue, to type with his hands.  This paradoxically allows a control freak an unusual level of comfort; rather than feeling like you sent your work off to a stranger, you’re convinced she unearthed the edit you had written yourself one perfect night and then lost.  Like she took a little trip into some dream time, and came back with the tome you had set out to find.  I find her artistic intuition uncanny; she sees through your story and down deep to its subconscious depths.  Once she’s unearthed this level, she covers it back over, one careful layer at a time, and you are left with a multifaceted gem that reflects off angles you’d never considered, a microcosm full of mythos and magic.

E.M. Stormo, writer. 

Not only is she a meticulous editor in terms of grammar and syntax and spelling, but she has also offered me great insights in how to improve my story structure.  She has a knack for reading between the lines and discovering the author’s intent. She has offered me great tips on improving character arcs and how to make characters more interesting. Her own work as a writer can testify to her wonderful craftsmanship.

__ Kyle Hemmings, author of Cat People.