overstory notes

283 ecosystems tend toward diversity and markets do the opposite

285 people aren’t the apex species they think they are

295 riding the wild bends, sempervirens

304 hopelessness makes them determined

312 it’s like i had the word book and then you put one in my hands

314 like the angel at Eden’s east gate who kept the humans, poachers of one forbidden tree, from breaking back into the garden and eating the other fruit that would have solved everything

319 you’re studying what makes some people take the living world seriously when the only real thing for everyone is other people. you should be studying everyone who thinks that only people matter.

321 exponential growth inside a finite system leads to collapse. but people don’t see it. so the authority of people is bankrupt.

322 what’s crazier – plants speaking, or humans listening?

consciousness itself is a flavor of madness, set against the thoughts of the green world.

324 it looks to be furred, feathered somehow

329 where the word radical came from. radix. wrad. root. the plant’s, the planet’s, brain.

save us? what a human thing to do. even the laugh takes years.

332 his appetite for human self-regard is dead

335 resilience, immanence, numen- qualities his discipline is notoriously poor in measuring

386 several billion folks doubling down on the status quo

407 like wild animals from the edges of a trail when the hiker holds still long enough

each of them had half a prophecy

498 the law allows for all necessary force against unlawful and imminent harm

499 not fast enough, at the speed of her own need. but at the speed of trees, very soon.

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