night is the beauty in which it pleased you to dress yesterday

more more more eterna:

the idea of living in constant surprise, almost totally in the unexpected.
p. 48 on music
the metaphysical prologue which refutes space time
conscious post-existence=personal eternity p. 189
the only mystic state is not religious, it’s Passion p. 192
Eterna:  she’s the maximum intensity of consciousness p. 200
the conscious effect that this novelism seeks is to delineate in the mind of the reader the mere conscious being, without a world, as an intelligible possibility.  (psychic individual sans cosmos) p. 198
night is the beauty in which it pleased you to dress yesterday. p.211
and you are the Night, as severe of aspect as your heart is lush with fervent invention. p. 212
p. 220 Live, character!
backs, which are the curves of a Deathless pain, fade away in the distance. p. 236
(final sentence) he who imagines will never know non-being. p. 238

The Museum of Eterna’s Novel, Macedonio Fernandez

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