twins, a tightrope walker, and a jester in a trance

notes on Paul Klee’s Towards a theory of form production:

(of chaos) It can be Nothing or a dormant Something, death or birth, according to the dominance of will or lack of will, of willing or not-willing.  note grey-a point btwn dimensions=nondimensional p. 3

a concept is not thinkable without its opposite p. 15 (see jung notes on enantiodromia)

the universal cause is reciprocal tension, a pull in two directions at once. p. 32

3 phantom ships p.36          p.40 copy Accident

the artist of today is more than an improved camera; he is more complex, richer, and wider.  he is a creature on earth and creature within the whole, that is to say, a creature on a star among stars.
p. 63

for in language there is no way of seeing many dimensions at once. p. 86 (challenge?)

liebermann ‘drawing is the art of omission.’  (as is writing) p. 87

the triangle came into being when a point entered into a relationship of tension with a line and, following the command of its Eros, discharged this tension.  the tension between point and line is characteristic of the triangle. p. 113

p. 118 twins 1930 brother and sister

p. 130 little jester in trance 1927

p. 196 tightrope walker 1928

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