Tantra Bensko

“Laura understood what I was going for in my stories that worked, and helped me bring that out. She can enter the world of my stories and turn her light on the characters’ lives, making them shine and create chiarascuro from the depths of their shadows. Her enthusiastic encouragement made all the difference in feeling heard. She also astutely recognized, and was not afraid to honestly but gently let me know, when stories were not working. She’s not tied down to only traditional fiction but has a range she can relate to. I find her to be a profound person, and to me, that’s perhaps the most important quality in a great editor.”

-Tantra Bensko, author of various books including Glossolalia, as well as hundreds of short stories in magazines and anthologies; founder of Online Writing Academy, and instructor at UCLA Extension Writing Program, Writers.com and Writers College. New series at Insubordinate Books.