house of leaves notes

47 sound + time = acoustic light (=acoustic touch)

50 and where there is no Echo there is no description of space or love.  there is only silence.

73 “What do you want to play?”  “I don’t know,” she shrugs.  “Always.”  “What’s always?”

…Then again, “always” slightly mispronounces “hallways.”  It also echoes it.

74 pragmatic space  Pragmatics is a sub field of linguistics and semiotics that studies the ways in which context contributes to meaning

104 The air was almost too bright to breathe.

175 Leonard’s psychological dimensions of space “a feeling about that particular place” (“Humanizing Space,” Progressive Architecture, April 1969)

387 discoverer of Blue Skia Cavern:  Darkness is impossible to remember.  Consequently cavers desire to return to those unseen depths where they have just been.  It is an addiction.  No one is ever satisfied.  Darkness never satisfies.  Especially if it takes something away which it almost always invariably does.

“That house answers many yearnings remembered in sorrow.”

401 Sphynx notes p. 122 The Poetics of Space

There is an elaborate play on the words limacon and conque here.  Limacon (aside from meaning snail) means spiral staircase and the spiral canal that is part of the inner ear.  Conque means both conch and concha, the largest cavity of the external ear.

407 Tamper With This Nesselroade, MD  “If one invests some interest in, for example, a tree and begins to form some thoughts about this tree and then writes these thoughts down, further examining the meanings that surface, allowing for unconscious associations to take place, writing all this down as well, until the subject of the tree branches off into the subject of the self, that person will enjoy immense psychological benefits.”

400  Vermeij’s A Natural History of Shells, Princeton UP  The energy and time invested in shells depend on the supply of raw materials, the labor costs of transforming these resources into a serviceable structure, and the functional demands placed on the shell…The words “economics” and “ecology” are especially apt in this context, for both are derived from the Greek oikos, meaning house.  In short, the questions of biology can be phrased in terms of supply and demand, benefits and costs, and innovation and regulation, all set against a backdrop of environment and history.

502 “Beware” she might have whispered.  “another holy Other lessens your great hold on slowing time,” as she would have described it, being the mad woman she truly was.

522 “high probability” that the “star” navidson caught on film was none other than Karen’s halogen

527 passion has little to do with euphoria and everything to do with patience. it is not about feeling good.  it is about endurance.  like patience, passion comes from the same latin root: pati.  it does not mean to flow with exuberance.  it means to suffer.


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