the significance of the extraconceptual

From An Anthology of Mysticism and Mystical Philosophy:

For Wordsworth, as Easterlin notes regarding “Tintern Abbey” especially, the essence of transcendent experience in nature lies beyond language’s ability to communicate that experience because “language is by nature approximate and human” and “inadequate to the description of the extraconceptual,” although “it is only through language that the significance of the extraconceptual can be recognized and, in some way, known.” Easterlin observes, for instance, that Wordsworth’s use of denotatively inappropriate modifiers in “Tintern Abbey,” as in “round ocean” and “living air” convey an impression of language short-circuiting under the strain of describing the infinity of God infused into finite physical nature.

I adore this short circuit language, the way that it breaks little holes through the walls of any small cell you may find yourself standing in.

You can see some examples of this in my lil “Black Cloud,” forthcoming from an anthology by Truth Serum Publishing.

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