programming, restarting, reversing, snapping, dying.

Apparently my short story “Split -or- Into a Once and an Irreconcilable, Dying Now” was published here at some point.  Though it appears the end of it was cut off, and the beginning restarts about half way through.  That could be cute, for an issue titled Reverse Programming, except it repeats without reversing, so I suspect a layout oversight.  If you’d like a readable copy, contact me and I’ll send one.

As for the title, what can I say.  I wrote it quite awhile ago; I must have gone to see Godspeed! You Black Emperor play in a temple in Brooklyn or something, and caught their fondness for long pretentious titles.  I was probably reading Rilke’s Elegies for the seven thousandth time as well.

2 thoughts on “programming, restarting, reversing, snapping, dying.

  1. Hey Laura,

    I just wanted you to know that this formatting problem has been resolved. We are overwhelmingly sorry that your words were misprinted without our noticing. I do not know how that happened but we are happy to say your page has been fixed and once again – we love your work at GAMBAZine and hope our faux pas has not led you to believe anything different.

    Hope all is well,

    Hunter and GAMBA Forest


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