king in yellow

i finished ‘the king in yellow’.  yes, for unsound reasons.  obviously this is dated enough it’s going to annoy a lot of people.  luckily i don’t mind artifacts.  i’ve even had cause to jot down notes to myself that i must find this book, before the unsound reasons (back in the days of reading lovecraft, who also loved using carcosa as inspiration).  but yeah, i only actually read it last week.  first two stories:  gold.  you’ve got the first one, with the community suicide chamber and the Repairer of Reputations.  think devil equals god and the problems when ego gets involved.  the second one features a pool that the artists throw alive things in to turn them into marble.   this guy loves sculptors and painters, and they’re fun characters to be around.  doesn’t really hold up through the rest of the collection, but i love seeing how this guy thinks (thought).   his feline descriptions reminded me of Colette’s The Cat, a story about a boy who loves his cat far more than his wife.  as far as being based around a play that will drive one mad, whoever reads it, the actual play is only referred to but never given in its full text, great theme threads or ribbons mr. chambers.  also, i already read antonin artaud a decade ago, so it’s too late for me anyway.

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