the parade passes

i generally really dislike science fiction, but roger zelazny is an other-ordinary sci fi writer. i  took ‘the doors of his face, the lamps of his mouth’ from a pile s was giving away.  i picked it solely for the name (though the cover pic is compelling too), which it totally lived up to.  a couple of my favorites so far:

‘a museum piece,’ where artists slip into the artwork and hang out in the museum after closing.  this sounds like fun, and i’d like to try it, especially the late night food raids.  also, kissing can suspend lions while mid-pounce, (which makes sense to me) and mobiles are admittedly alien life forms who eat albino lions when necessary. 

‘devil car’ is still my favorite so far, though, the protagonist’s car jenny being one of the most human characters i’ve come across ever.  like she makes me cry, not kidding.  she’s so badass, and so freaking weak.  i love myself a contradictory character.  also, rebel car gangs are pretty cool to picture.

so, to repent for my thinking all science fiction sucks, i’ve been workshopping an at least supernatural piece i started awhile ago, then put down, ‘alien in the airport.’  hopefully this will come into its own and i can submit it somewhere soon.  the only science fiction thing i ever tried submitting was ‘moonlighting,’ a story set in a health food store (hey, write what you know).  they suggested i edit it, but i never did, suggestible as i am.  maybe i’ll see if i didn’t lose it in the move.

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