the inner ear and the stalking of certain exits

in julio cortazar’s interview with lucille kerr etc., he mentions hearing things with ‘that inner ear that is at work in writing,’  and he states:

Lorca (I am quoting from memory) defined
himself as “a wounded pulse that stalks things from
the other side.” That other side of things, those soft
clocks in the time of man, those stone clouds of
Magritte, those nude girls in the railroad stations
of Paul Delvaux-and the Snark, don’t forget the
Snark that turned out in the end to be a Boojum:
there you have a synthesis of the attitude that leads
me to write within a perspective of total fracturing
of what is conventional, what is fixed, always looking
for certain doors and, above all, certain exits. p. 39 Diacritics

reading this interview is making me want to write all night.  now that i have stolen t’s password for the college’s online criticism for teachers i will be unstoppable’s actually sort of freaky how much i missed reading this crap from back when i was still a student..looking into graduate programs with a, which are really just a joke and waste of money, but so’s everything i really need to pay someone to give me a formal excuse to spend more time writing, though?  maybe i wouldn’t feel so guilty about it if i didn’t lose whole days in the process, and have to make up excuses for work as to where i went..

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