sowing season and the autumn sky

“according to the occassion…and the weather, those are the stars of the sowing season.  they are called ‘houses’ because, for a long time, it is in them that has been lodged the hope or the despair of the tillers of the soil…you can see…the house of the golden eagle, the house of the lamb, the house of the crown, the house of the harp, and the house of the silver lion…the ones we see today are the house of the harp.  they are seven.  two have been hidden in the distance.  look, they are coming out..” 
p. 271 jean giono, the joy of man’s desiring

also the Shepard’s star (Venus) is mentioned, and the five-pointed star Orion, ‘the heavenly shepard’ according to the Babylonian star catalogues p. 357

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