venus is a good kisser.

venus rotates extremely slowly on her own axis in the opposite direction to most rotations in the solar system.  her day is precisely two-thirds of an earth year, a musical fifth.  this exactly harmonizes…so that every time venus and earth kiss, venus does so with the same face looking at the earth.  
 john martineau’s a little book of coincidence

eight earth years equals, exactly, thirteen venus years, the five kisses between them crafting a perfect pentagon, carved out of space.  the numbers 5, 8, and 13 belong to the fibonacci sequence, defining phi.
pinchbeck’s 2012

also, in ‘conjugating’ the golden ratio, some ‘short proofs of irrationality’ are listed on the ever evolving wikipedia, one being a ‘contradiction from an expression in lowest terms.’  like science, i like to read math like a kid would read any other world they didn’t understand, and i like the way the grammar of it all really flows very intuitively.

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