masters of themselves..scattered the playing cards

Pronounced in a certain way, under his breath, with the ‘h’ strongly aspirated, her name sent her crazy. p.80

Reading Colette’s 7, which was given to me by my grandma, who prefers to be called Gigi (from the title character in one of the stories).  She acted very casual and bored when she gave it to me, but I know that this is just her act; I know it meant a lot to her.   I like the line above from the story ‘The Cat,’ which details the relationship of a boy and his cat, whom he loves far above his new wife.  While the style and genre are outdated, Colette excels in convincing description.  She sees her characters completely, clearly.  She can make a cat as seductive as a mistress, and a boy as playful as a puppy.

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