a tree, a gown, and knots.

passed out yesterday for a catnap and dreamed of a dark green dress tied up very tightly into various knots.  voice said to my questioning eyes “it’s a lover’s gown.”

also today on the ride back into town there were horse chestnut trees and that made me remember i think there were large ones in the front of my parents’ house when they first moved upstate from yonkers, and that made me remember the row of evergreens in the back that are now gone, and also the one that sat directly behind the house where the deck is now, and t(a) and i used to play house in it, we had it set up with a kitchen, living room, we literally lived there, though normally didn’t sleep there, at least not at night.  and that made me think of trees growing up through a dilapidated house, so instead of a tree house having a full, healthy tree bursting up through an impaled shoddy house.  and that made me want to draw them, but i went for a walk with t(e) instead.

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