ceaselessly relying on miracle

p. 50 provided one surrenders to them with a certain violence
p. 51 grasshopper in his throat; super-determinant role of dream
p. 52 rimbaud’s dormeur de val
p. 64 no, it was not yet these who would be ready to create the Revolution.
p.105 the black star in the upper section represents the idea
p.106 what constitutes the chief interest is the calligraphy of the L’s
p.111 that reality lying at nadja’s feet
p.114 ceaselessly relying on miracle
p.135 it could scarcely be otherwise, considering the world which was nadja’s, where everything so rapidly assumed the appearance of a rise, a fall.
p.143 break from logic, most hateful of prisons
p.159 resolved…never to be embraced at all
p.160 beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all.
more nadja notes

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