wolfmother wallpaper whispers when you come close

notes from skinny legs and all:

(religion) not merely the opium of the masses, it is the cyanide.

politics is the science of domination (walls of the fish tanks constructed of ignorance and superstition, held together with fear) once religion became political, the exercise of it could be said to lead sooner or later to war (logical extension of politics is war)

religion=institutionalized mysticism
the catch is mysticism does not lend itself to institutionalization.  The moment we attempt to organize mysticism, we destroy its essence.  religion, then, is mysticism in which the mystical has been killed.
religion=divisive, oppressive, denial of all that is divine in people; suffocation of the soul

consensual reality-makes the world seem larger yet simultaneously more private (eye game)

pious dogma, if allowed to flourish, will always drive magic away.

religion is an improper response to the Divine

the dead are laughing at us.

this is the room of the wolfmother wallpaper.  this is the room where the boys slept inside their blowguns to avoid being bitten by the bats, for whom the girls sewed tiny velvet suits.

and, my favorite:  We must cultivate beauty or risk not being able to recognize ugliness.

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