SFz and immortality

some notes on adam thirlwell’s preface to macedonio’s museum of eterna:

the gravity with which he tried to be precise to the trauma of love
the real subjects of this lightly playful novel are the grave ones of death and love.
ideal of artistic suicide-novel stops being a novel at all
m aspired to win reader over as a character ‘so that for an instant he believes that he himself does not live.’ 
only the novel (or blahggle?) has this ontological power.
the only things that can’t die are the things that haven’t begun.
suicide occurs in the moment of pleasure.
because if he can turn the reader into a fiction, if he can deny that anything really lives and dies, then he can save love as a meaningful emotion.
as for the novel itself, macedonio thinks that it should take place in the street.

so let’s.

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