chicken sexing

brief interview man who likes to bring women back to his apartment and carefully systematically build to a point in which he asks her if he can tie her up… mentions his process of chicken-sexing… he says in poultry industry specifically New Zealand this is a something done by one with some sixth sense that is unteachable and unexplained. But they know if a chick is a cock or a hen just by being there…this is the skill he seems to have with women..he knows if they are ‘willing to play’ so to say, making them a hen as opposed to a cock. Powerplay a la my look up look down story and then in the end he collapses into their arms crying like a baby…the profound climax occurring when he asks Are you frightened?

from p. 114 of wallace’s brief interviews with hideous men: “This is the moment of truth. The entire ritual – perhaps ceremony would be better, more evocative, because we – of course the whole thing from proposal onward is about ceremony – and the climax is the subject’s response to this prompt. To Are you frightened? What is required is a twin acknowledgment. She is to acknowledge that she is wholly in my power at this moment. And she must also say she trusts me. She must acknowledge that she is not afraid I will betray or abuse the power I’ve been ceded. The excitement is at its absolute peak during this interchange, reaching a sustained climax which persists for exactly as long as it takes me to extract these assurances from her.”

wow i’ve met you so many times.

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