your fingers rub soft like charcoal pictures

Went to the Ann Street Gallery in Newburgh (logo design like a Hawthorne novel) and saw the Contemporary Drawing Exhibit…Lorene Taurerewa’s charcoal drawings are huge and even better up close…monkey inside woman was holding strings like reigns directing the horse with phallic gnome jockey guy bursting away from her…looked up more of her drawings and I love the eyes of her characters…passionate apathy? Sad romanticism or resignation? Like the way this form of drawing makes something so alive come off of a white canvas, just through different shades of dark. Also flipped through a catalog of work by Jorge J. Aristizabal…was this the artist we ran into when we arrived?  When I walked in the gallery director ran up to me and greeted me enthusiastically, introducing me first as the film director, and later as the girlfriend of a film director, and I figured I must have been sleepwalking…walked along the water afterwards with J., remembered going to that library frantically looking up something or other for a paper I probably never finished, thought about going home to write but ate rice balls at Japanese noodle house instead.

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